Hoover Dam Tour

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Hoover Dam / Gold Mine Tour

Tour Departs 8 am
Approximately 8 hours
Bypass Bridge


Gold Mine TOur1Step back in time (about 100 years) and you’ll catch a glimpse of the brutal and simple old west. The Gold Mine Tour is a snapshot in time, to an era when riches could be had or stolen. You will follow a guide on both the above and below ground tours, and get an idea of what life was like back when gold was being pulled out of the hills and lawlessness was rampant.

YouGM2 will get to tour an actual gold mine and walk through the tunnels that once produced great riches for a few folks in southern Nevada.

Visit the Hoover Dam, once considered to be the world's largest dam and an engineering marvel at the time of its construction in the 1930's. The Hoover Dam straddles the mighty Colorado River. Also walk the 1,900 foot long Memorial Bridge. An impressive feat of engineering, the supporting twin-rib arch span echoes the elegant curves of the dam itself.  

Man per man and mile per mile Eldorado Canyon has a wider range
of historical events than anywhere in the Wild West.

 Old West History don't get no better than this...

 *Spanish explorers in the 1700's. (Mexican treasure maps)
 *In 1880's more men lived in Eldorado Canyon than all of the Las Vegas valley.            
 *Steamboats ran the Colorado River for over 40 years.
*The canyon was full of deserters during the Civil War.
* Two of the most famous renegade Indians were raised in the canyon.
(Avote killing 5 men,  and Queho killing over 20.)    
*1874 claim jumping that resulted in numerous murders & hauntings of the Techatticup Mine.
*Camp Eldorado 1867. (A forty-nine man Military Post.)
*John Moss and the Mojave Chief Irataba.
*The Ives Expedition, 1858. 

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